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    Q: Shipping timing?

    A: Please allow 5 to 8 business days for orders to be processed then 7 to 10 days for shipping!

    As a result of COVID-19 there may be a shipping delay for some orders. We appreciate your patience while we keep our warehouse and shipping partners safe. Please allow some extra time for your order to arrive!

    Q: Where is my order?

    A: So you've ordered your product & you want to know where in the world it is. No problem, You should have received an emailed with your tracking number. Go ahead & just pull that up then input it on our "Track My Order" page. Your shipping status & details should then appear right before your eyes.


    Q: Is the site secure with an SSL?

    A: Good question! The main site doesn't have any transactional data or transfer of information, that is until you get to checkout. You will notice that when you get to checkout you'll be on a secure site via Shopify.com (our host and ecommerce system).

    Q: Contact by phone?

    A: Our support systems are setup in such a way that leverages technology in order to be absolutely sure we understand your questions and can answer them appropriately. If you have questions, please create a support ticket or shoot us a quick email to Info@swissgood.com

    Q: Return & refunds?

    A: Yep, you may have noticed that we said we have 30 day return policy “no questions asked” and we meant it. So if whether you're looking for an exchange, in need of a replacement due to shipping damage or just straight calling for a return for refund

    Q: My credit card won't work!

    A: There could be a variety of reasons that your credit card isn't processing correctly, starting with an incorrect zip code or CVV number from the back of your card. Please make sure that you're using the most up to date and accurate info to ensure that the processing has the best opportunity to work. 

    If you're still having processing issues, it is likely that there is a compatibility issue with your browser and our website. We hate it when this happens but we're, unfortunately, unable to create our site to work with 100% of web browsers -- most of the time the issues are with versions of Internet Explorer. If you have access to another browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari), please try that and if you don't, your smart phone should work as well.